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AMS/INDUSTRIAL METER is a distributor specializing in the sales of Advanced Monitoring Systems for Temperature and Flame Monitoring, Integrated Fire and Gas Detection Control and Panel Meters for Indication, Totalization and Control.

Our customers include original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s), End Users and Resellers primarily in the Energy Sector with applications for Monitoring Equipment ranging from Pumps, Compressors and Turbines to Boilers and Flow Devices of all types.

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We trace our History back over 30 years to Allesco Management Services, Inc. Originally, the company was founded as an inventory management service for industrial reps and distributors in Houston, Texas. In the early ’80 AMS teamed up with Bestobell Mobery in the UK to administer their North American sales operations. This experience was very valuable in developing skills and working with customers throughout the United States and Canada. We have long standing relationships with companies like Thomas Edison Electronics whose products are now produced by Meggitt Energy, Edison Omniguard, Allestec, Contrec and Minco. The founder of the company is Gary W. Cauble. His background includes a long list of experience in technical sales. He was major owner of Allesco (a manufacturer’s representative and distributor in Houston, Texas) up until 2012 when he sold his interest. He was instrumental in the development of integrated fire and gas control systems and was one of the original founders of Allestec Corporation whose products are utilized in industrial turbines around the world today. Over the years he consolidated the distribution of the Edison products under AMS with the acquisition of Schramm Industries in 1999, serving the Eastern United States. The Western U.S. was added through his onetime partnership in Allesco West of Orange County, California.

The flagship of our product line has long been the Edison U/V Flame Scanners and Switches. These quality products have proven themselves over the years with excellent performance in combustion chambers of gas turbines and are a standard offering with companies like Siemens, General Electric and Mitsubishi. We continue to provide these high quality products to OEM’s and end users as well. We take pride in all our products which are direct from the original manufacturers and never reversed engineered or re-designed. Our products are original and guaranteed. We distribute throughout the United States and Internationally.

Today we offer technical sales and services to customers worldwide. We have vast experience with the application of the products we distribute. We can provide technical assistance with your specific application and welcome the opportunity to discuss them with you. Our goal is to provide quality products and professional services to our valued customers with each and every transaction.

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