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Meggitt Sensing Systems is the world’s leading provider of high performance sensing and condition monitoring solutions for extreme environments.

gas turbing flame monitoring

Edison® UV flame scanners

Edison® UV flame scanners have been in use for more than 40 years, providing dependable flame on/off indication for gas turbines and boiler applications. Models are available in standard, weatherproof and explosion proof.

Edison Flame scanners

Meggitt also offers flame scanners utilizing the latest in solid state optical technology. Using fiber optic cables, a remote electronics/sensor suite, and customized analytical software, this solid state system continues our tradition in reliable flame monitoring solutions.

The Edison flame scanner is an ultraviolet-based detector used to indicate the presence or absence of a flame within the combustor of an industrial gas turbine. These devices, via a view port directly in the turbine combustion zone, continuously monitor flame status and provide feedback to the control system through relay outputs. This monitoring is particularly critical during engine start-up and light-off of the turbine combustors.

Using the Edison-developed ultraviolet tube for sensing, the scanner responds to the ultraviolet radiation with wavelengths between 1900 and 2900 angstroms (present in all flames), but does not respond to infrared or visible spectrums. Therefore, it is suitable for supervision of gas-fired, oil-fired, or combination industrial burners or turbines. Available in standard, weather-proof, and explosion-proof, these units have proven themselves to be dependable, quality performers.

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